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Flirty Grandma

Lindsey Johnsen is one of the few humans you come across that has such a calm & clear energy. No wonder she is an amazing teacher of embroidery & is able to create some stunning deigns with a needle as her paint brush.

I took a class with some of my girlfriends & since then I have been inspired to create my own embroidery in my abstract style. I am so excited to share this piece Lindsey created for me. It is truly a one of a kind work of art from the heart. I just asked her to do something around my passion of being a LEO & she nailed it. I think the French knot clouds make my heart so happy. I will treasure this treat for the rest of my life.

It has also been amazing to meet another creative that is so excited about collaborating with other creatives. Thanks to Lindsey I also have met the very sweet, Hannah Doyeto! Hannah is an illustrator and does amazing work at The Something Blue Journal with her husband. That will be another fun day of Show & Tell! Hannah designed Flirty Grandma's logo and right now these ladies have a really amazing pet portrait collaboration.

You can have an illustration of your pets & it comes with an embroidery of the art work!

Follow Hannah on social media & Flirty Grandma to find out more.

Thanks to taking a Flirty Grandma class I have a new respect for this artform & have enjoyed learning more about the history of needle work. Such a timeless craft & to see all the new ways creatives are using it today is facsitanting.

Great Big Story has some great content that is worth a watch.

Please Show & Tell Flirty Grandma to your loved ones. Give the gift of something handmade.


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