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Emily Webb

Abstract Enthusiast who loves to create one of a kind creations leaving behind a little bit of fairy dust for others to enjoy!


 I am from Tulsa Oklahoma & moved to Charlotte North Carolina in 2021!

 Cannot wait to meet new humans this year & becoming a champion of others in my new community!

 I realized at a young age I was a very creative human being. I have been creating art since I was 4 years old & I try to capture that spark of my youth in my work that brought much joy to me. I want to share that with others & let everyone know just be you and embrace the individual you are!

After being in broadcasting for over 6 years I became a full time artist in 2016 & I am so thankful to so many who have given me the care bear stare along the way. My followers & loved ones have really uplifted the creative human I am & helped me embrace the person I am born to be. I really took the jump as a full time creative when I was at a kickstarter event and was being mentored by a successful business person. He said after talking about my work with my business partner and I at the time, if I made an order for screen printed scarves with my art on it today and gave you a deadline, could you fulfill that order? We said yes and figured out all the moving parts to make this happen. That helped give me the confidence and spark to just make it happen. I have said all along sometimes you just have to make it happen and figure it out as you go. I want to be that same cheerleader for others that being who you are supposed to be.


I loved Show & Tell when I was little and as an adult I embrace showing & telling others things, places, & people I adore. I always love to connect my dots to help others & say be inspired not influenced. Being a new to this amazing community I would love to meet YOU ALL & please share anything you think I should know about. 

Xoxo- Emily Webb

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