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Lisa Frank- 1992 Show & Tell

Show & Tell was one of my favorite things in school.In 1992 at Carnegie Elementary school in Tulsa Oklahoma I have my first real memory of being jealous of a Lisa Frank sticker set someone brought to class. It was a very Christmas Story moment and I was Ralphie. Just sitting & pondering with a voice in my head how I would seek out and find this sticker set my classmate had. It had over 400 stickers in a hard top box. All in perfect rolls like the kind you would get at the doctor office. This is truly where my Lisa Frank obsession began.

I personally feel we all just talk about the nostalgia of Lisa Frank because what child does not adore the random colorful world she presents. Bananas floating in a bra with sunglasses and a big hat, the true world we all hear about in mystical rock songs in the late 70's, & just everything magical marketed to us in bright colors. As I got into my 20's I was always so curious who really is Lisa Frank & as a business junkie what did her empire accomplish?

This is why I am so fascinated with her. It was not a team of men in a room deciding what an artist should create or a team doing studies to see what children would buy into, it was a lady who had a vision for a business.

I think a lot of creatives can relate to Lisa Frank when she says she does not want to disappoint people with who she is. That is why it is hard to find photos or video of her.

I have those thoughts about my art all the time. What happens if my colorful world does not fit how others see me when we meet face to face. It is just like Charlie Chaplin felt if he ever did movies where he had to speak. Would the magic be gone to his fans?

This video is on of the few Lisa Frank interviews that is very much worth a watch. Posted by:

"At first, I didn't want to do unicorns. The artist in me said no. Then I thought, 'Wait a minute: this is commercial art. Let's do what's going to sell.'

Last Week Launched a Lisa Frank room you can rent. It is everything CAMP & every 90's girl dream.

Do you have a Lisa Frank Story or memory? Please Share!


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